Super Friends Season 2, Episode 13 – Safety Segment

Super Friends Season 2, Episode 13, Safety Segment

Original Airdate – November 26, 1977

Let me ask you this: let’s say you’re Wonder Woman, and you’re flying around in your invisible jet, as you like to do, and you see two young boys in a backyard messing around on the lawn.

Super Friends Backyard
Nothing to see here…or is there?

Do you:

A. Think, “how nice, some kids are getting some fresh air camping in the back yard.”


B. Think, “holy fucking shit, those kids are gonna eat some weeds from the yard!”

Well, I’ll have you know if you answered A – you are a shitty Wonder Woman and you have two weed-eating kids’ fates on your head. And if you answered B – good for you although how in the hell you knew from that distance they were gathering random plants to eat is a little confusing.

“Uh, that looks like trouble down there,” you’d say, inexplicably able to differentiate two kids digging in the yard for worms and two dummies collecting grass to eat.

And, you’d be right! Impressive.

Super Friends Best Ideas

“These are gonna make great salad greens for our camp out supper,” one says to the other, proving you to be an insightful and not in any way paranoid Wonder Woman who maybe just assumed because you didn’t want to actually do any work saving anybody that day.

“I wouldn’t eat those if I were you, some of the plants growing in yards are dangerous or even poisonous if you eat them,” you’d say, all smug.

Super Friends Lecture

“Maybe we should ask my mom for some salad stuff out of the refrigerator,” the child would respond. And for some reason you wouldn’t be suspicious of two young boys who seem to be obsessed with eating salads for dinner – surely they are pod people/alien imposters, but oh no, why do any extra work?

No, you get back in your jet, head back to the Justice League and clock out, feeling you’ve done your superheroing for the day.

The End.

If you would like to see these shenanigans for yourself, Season 2 is available on DVD.

6 thoughts on “Super Friends Season 2, Episode 13 – Safety Segment”

  1. Those kids were going to make mud pies to go with their weeds salad for their imaginary dinner, then go inside for hotdogs and chips. Fail, Wonder Woman.

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