Super Friends Season 2, Episode 11 – “Attack of the Killer Bees”

Super Friends Season 2, Episode 11, Storyline D – “Attack of the Killer Bees”

Original Airdate – November 12, 1977

Craft Segment

Batman and Robin show us how to make a “two way phone.” After arriving home at Wayne Manor following an afternoon of crime fighting or something, Batman and Robin find an already-set-up craft station. Huh?

Super Friends Baby Batman

I think we’re all aware of the shitty two-cups-tied-together “phone” craft so I’ll spare the details.

Super Friends Telephone


Short Synopsis: “The vast plains of Africa, where wild animals and man live together in peaceful coexistence.” – Narrator

Super Friends Africa

Unfortunately, a fence can’t keep out a swarm of killer bees. This swarm chases people from a distant crop into the village and into a hut.

Super Friends Bee Swarm


Aquaman and Samurai are “near Africa.”

Yes, they are “near Africa.” And we wonder why so many people think Africa is a country.

Aquaman says that they have to hurry, and tells Samurai, “I’ll meet you in Africa.” COME ON.

Aquaman swims to Africa, and as we’ve previously learned, Samurai can turn into wind, so he winds there, or blows there, or breezes there, or whatever.

Super Friends Little Africa


A plan’s just not a plan without a breach of personal space.

I had a very hard time paying attention to the plan Aquaman and Samurai came up with because this is how they were standing while they were planning:

Super Friends Aquaman and Samurai

Is he sitting in Aquaman’s lap? What is going on here? They were on a cliff overlooking “Africa,” watching the bees swarm around the hut, so that’s why they’re both facing the same way, but the closeness, the closeness…

Anyway, the plan is for Samurai to anger the bees in wind form, lead them to “the river,” where Aquaman will be waiting, and then he’ll lead the swarm into a net that’s tied between two trees overlooking a waterfall with sharp rocks at the bottom. Aquaman hoped aloud that when he dives over, that he makes it past the rocks and then I hoped that he wouldn’t.

The net, if this were real life (a real life where superheroes exist), would have led to the death of Aquaman if Aquaman is not impervious to bee stings:

Super Friends Bee Net

Oh, wait, I stand corrected. Apparently killer bees are the size of small birds:

Super Friends Giant Bees

I’m learning so much about bees! Did you know they also “chew” through huts to get at villagers? It’s true!

Somehow this stupid plan works.

Super Friends A Job Done

The bees are then “taken far back into the back country where they will cause no harm.”

And the small African village of Africa is safe again. Hooray!

Health Segment

A girl flying a kite at the park trips and falls and scrapes her elbow. Aquaman emerges from a nearby pool to help administer first aid.

Y’all, I think Aquaman may be homeless and he stays in this same swimming pool when he’s not on duty.

Super Friends Homeless Aquaman

If you would like to see these shenanigans for yourself, Season 2 is available on DVD.


14 thoughts on “Super Friends Season 2, Episode 11 – “Attack of the Killer Bees””

  1. Your captions, always funny, were absolutely stellar this time. When the personal space invasion came up, I didn’t just laugh, but ended up doing the full
    haw haw haw *snort*, tears, *snort snort*.

    Aquaman is beginning to creep me out. He likes being around kids a little too much.

  2. Did aquaman call samurai on batman and robin 2-way phone?

    This was a filler episode. I feel a wonder woman saves everyone epic coming.

  3. Aquaman looks HUGE! I think they were doing a ventriloquist act:
    “Say ‘hello’ to the nice people, Samurai.”
    “Hello to the nice people Samurai!”

  4. I guess it’s not so much that Samurai is sitting in Aquaman’s lap, because well, planning is tiring. It’s the Frederick’s of Hollywood/Africa ensemble he’s wearing while doing so that concerns me.

  5. In the shot with the bees in the net, I feel like Samurai has a bit of a feminine superhero look (facial hair and bulging arms aside). Pointed tippy-toes, bare thighs, lots of cleavage…maybe I’ve just seen too much of the Hawkeye Initiative.

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