I can only hope…

I hope when my lady friends and I get into a major brawl with some dudes that we have as much fun as Charlie’s Angels are having on this lunchbox:


Even the one that’s tied to a post seems to be enjoying herself.

Kate Jackson looks like she’s thinking about the ice cream she’s going to treat herself to after she finishes casually flinging that grown man across the room. And look at the form of that head-knee chop – exquisite! Jaclyn Smith knows it, too – such a twinkle in her eye.

Personally, I would have probably gleefully swung one of those 2x4s and yelled something like, “I don’t want you to get board!” And then we’d all laugh, and I’d slip in the head wound blood and get my plaid bell bottoms dirty but it wouldn’t matter because it kind of blends in and I know they won’t notice it at the ice cream parlor.

Then, when we got to the ice cream shop, I’d order a banana split and they’d say, “You know who has a banana split-ing headache? That guy you hit with the 2×4!” And we’d laugh again as the sound of the ambulances responding to a call reporting several seriously injured men in a warehouse speed by.

Anyway I hope that’s what happens.

21 thoughts on “I can only hope…”

  1. I’m pretty sure you “nailed” it!

    Oh, did I forget to mention that the 2×4 had rusty nails sticking out of it, and when you beamed that guy in the head, one of the nail heads went into his eye? Oh, and he also got tetinus? Yeah . . . so, that.

    Now that joke is SUPER funny, huh? Can I have a bite of your Praline Ripple ice cream?

  2. Ooh, I want to shenanigan with you. I think the abundance of crap in that warehouse can lead to all the wacky wordplay.

    “Stay over there, or you’ll be ‘crating’ a nuisance!”

    “Mister, we’re having a ‘barrel’ of fun!”

    Also, why is one of them beating up Sonny Bono? What’d he ever do to them? Poor Sonny Bono.

  3. Yeah, the looks on Sabrina Duncan and Kelly Garrett say this is a typical Tuesday and they’re going to celebrate kicking ass with tacos and ice cream.

  4. I don’t know how you continually find such gems, but I’m so glad you do. And judging by those shining pearly-whites, the Angels are glad you did too.

  5. Make sure when you are trying to get them to reveal the plan (thinking that three girls are no problem), you aren’t distracted by their porn staches and reflective sunglasses that all 70s villains had.

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