Super Friends Season 2, Episode 10 – “Alaska Peril”

Super Friends Season 2, Episode 10, Storyline D – “Alaska Peril”

Original Airdate – November 5th, 1977

Short Synopsis: “Alaska – a frozen frontier, where an expedition of environmental scientists travel deeper into this uninhabited region than anyone has ever traveled before.” – Narrator

We see two vehicles which don’t look to be equipped for that kind of terrain – one has the three important people (Professor Dalton and his two assistants) and the other one has a couple of nobodies:

Super Friends Snow Vans

The important people even have fur lined coats and the other ones don’t.

A loud roar echoes through the area, and, as the smart environmentalists they are, they head straight for it.

They drive around and then, there, really hamming it up and chewing scenery, is the super roar-y Abominable Snowman.

Super Friends Yeti

He picks up the car, Professor Dalton falls out, and then takes off with his new found friends.

Super Freinds Peril

The Professor presumably gets a ride with the other car and manages to get in touch with the Super Friends.

Later, at the Hall of Justice

“A 40 ft. abominable snowman has taken my two assistants and disappeared into the Alaskan wilderness!” And you thought you were having a bad day!

Apache Chief, this week’s special guest, informs everyone that he’s “familiar with the creature.” Now THAT is a story I want to see – how did Apache Chief run into a Yeti?

Batman and Robin will join him, and Batman reassures the Professor that they “will leave immediately.”

He wasn’t joking, they didn’t even stop to get their coats.

Super Friends Cold Apache Chief

Layers, Apache Chief, layers.

Way to track, dudes.

They come across a giant footprint and decide to follow the trail.

Apache Chief, the nakedest of the trio, will track on the ground while Batman and Robin will follow above in their nice, warm helicopter.

Yeahhhh, they walked right past it.

Super Friends Blind

Yeti Spaghetti gets the upper hand on them. He puts down the car (NO THE LADIES DO NOT TAKE THE OPPORTUNITY TO ESCAPE) and starts hurling pine trees at them.

He lands a blow to the batcopter. What are they going to do!? They’re in a tailspin, rapidly approaching the ground. Duh.

Super Friends Bat Cushion

The Bat Cushion is great! The best part is, it can safely absorb the impact of a helicopter crash but doesn’t disturb the wine glass I placed on it.

Super Friends Wine Glass Test


“Later, after repairing the batcopter.”

All three take a copter ride to look for Yeti Spaghetti. They eventually find him in a river. He has placed the car on a little glacier.

Apache exclaims, “quickly, I know how to stop the beast!” And then he fucking jumps out of the helicopter.

Super Friends Apache Underpants

He safely lands feet first on a little glacier, grows to Yeti’s size, and then he and the Yeti start rough housing in the water (if there were a lifeguard there would be so much whistling).

Super Friends Marco Polo

Batman and Robin save the ladies while those two struggle. Then, Apache Chief gets Yeti in a bear hug. According to the narrator, Apache supposedly spoke the animal’s language and convinced him to give up the fight. But by the look on Yeti’s face, it seems more likely to me that the whole thing had just gotten so awkward he didn’t want to stay.

Super Friends Awkward

More proof I’m right? In the last scene, Apache Chief tells everyone Yeti was only protecting his environment, and the Professor says he wishes the Yeti knew that was their intent, as well.

Batman says, “Perhaps he will, someday.”

Why doesn’t Apache Chief just tell him? I thought he could communicate? My awkward hug theory is looking better by the minute.

Health Segment

Basically, there’s been a terrible car crash, and a young girl tearily explains to Batman and Robin that her boyfriend had been driving drunk and goes into tragic detail of what happens. And, in the background, the hilarious wacky Super Friends music plays. It’s pretty weird.

If you would like to see these shenanigans for yourself, Season 2 is available on DVD.


18 thoughts on “Super Friends Season 2, Episode 10 – “Alaska Peril””

  1. I’m confused by Apache Chief. Is his superpower…growing bigger and giving bad-touches to his enemies? That seems…well, ill-advised, but then again, everything Zan and Jayna do is pretty ridiculous, too, so I suppose in the grand scheme of things, it’s probably normal in Super Friends land.

    That Abominable Snowman doesn’t look much like the Bumble from Rudolph. I feel like one or the other of these shows is misleading me, if only I could figure out which.

  2. “Okay, young Yeti, show me on the frozen popsicle where the giant Native American fake superhero made up for the Superfriends show touched you.”

    Apache Chief superpower is awkwardness. He’ll rule on the Twitter. Also, avoiding hypothermia.

  3. I couldn’t help but hear this in the voice of the narrator from those cartoons.
    Your words are much better than the scripts he had to read…

  4. Their tracking skills are amazing. They’re in a helicopter and they can’t see the thing taller than all the trees?

    Also I love the Bat Cushion. All Bat Devices are better with a glass of wine.

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