Super Friends Season 2, Episode 9 – “Game of Chicken”

Super Friends Season 2, Episode 9, Storyline B – “Game of Chicken”

Original Airdate – October 29, 1977

Short Synopsis: At Al’s Drive-In, two cars vie for the same parking space. “Out of my way, Mill,” exclaims Lans. Mill and Lans are the names I heard, so I’m going with it.

Lans says he always parks there, and then Mill says he has the muscles to back up his claim. Oh my god it’s already so boring. Mill tells Lans, “You wouldn’t be so brave if you didn’t have muscles!” Ok, well, yeah, that kind of stands to reason.

Super Friends Parking Space

Mill then proposes a game of chicken, “unless of course, YOU’RE chicken!” Snap. Wow, both of these guys seem like real gentlemen. Mill proposes having this game of chicken in what I swear is “in my dad’s boots,” but that can’t be right.

And I guess the guy’s name could be “Lance” but that’s NOT how they’re saying it. I’m getting off track (ha ha! like in a game of chicken!).

The Wonder Twins are bowling, because that’s the only thing that can be more boring than The Wonder Twins. The Wonder Twins bowling.

Jayna says that “bowling is right up Gleek’s alley,” and just when I was about to go stick my head in the oven, the Twins get the Trouble Alert.

Super Friends Jayna Shock

Ohhhh, BOATS, not Boots.

Mill and Lans race each other along a mountain road on the way to a marina, and they’re having a complete back-and-forth conversation over their roaring engines (bunch of trash talk).

Super Friends Car Convo

But who’s there to stop them? Jayna, Zan, and Gleek, who’s grown like a foot and a half.

Super Friends Keep Driving

Those two dummies stop their cars, and Jayna and Zan tell them surely there’s some other, safer way to resolve their issues.

“Why suuuure, we’ll shake hands and make up,” says one of them (I can’t keep track), dripping with sarcasm.

“Good!” says naive and stupid Zan.

“AFTER I cream him on the river!” clarifies that one guy. And then, he does this:

Super Friends My Hero

I take everything bad back I said about him. We’re to be married in the spring.

Then the Wonder Twins have to do their little power move covered in mud to rush to aid the jerks who did this to them.

"Form of, someone who wasn't just completely humiliated!"
“Form of, someone who wasn’t just completely humiliated!”

And here’s those boots boats everyone’s been talking about.

So the guys finally make it to their boats. One does indeed chicken out (the smart one, I guess), and then the other one’s “steering cable” breaks and he is helplessly careening towards a waterfall.

Super Friends Chicken Results

And then this is how they save him?

Super Friends Ok Then

Pretty self explanatory. Zan became and ice ramp and then Jayna became a walrus to the stop the boat by hitching her back flippers into the boat and then digging her walrus tusks into her own brother. Really, it’s what any of us would have done.

If you would like to see these shenanigans for yourself, Season 2 is available on DVD.

10 thoughts on “Super Friends Season 2, Episode 9 – “Game of Chicken””

  1. One would think this would have been an opportunity to make a point about not using your dad’s boats without permission, too. I suppose that would have been too complicated. I’ve missed the Super Friends (walking away now, embarrassed).

  2. shouldn’t john lennon copyrighted I Am The Walrud to an extent he could have prevented this entire episode.

    also, I fistpumped when the teenager splashed mad on them. I’m unashamed.

  3. I like to imagine how much more exciting this episode would have been if Lans and Mill HAD played a game of chicken in Mill’s dad’s boots. In my mind, those boots are just too big, and they’re stomping all around trying not to fall down, and whoever gets to the finish line first wins. And the Wonder Twins would become Dr. Scholl’s shoe inserts and a pair of socks or something, because THAT would be about as helpful as an ice bridge and a walrus.

    I really should have written for this show.

  4. I wanna know who the guy is who thought up the wonder twins. “Oh, we’ll make them able to transform into whatever they want! …Except the guy. He can only be super useless water related things like ice and steam.”

    I have to believe if Jayna had more than two brain cells she would have killed Zan and stolen his ring so she could transform freely and become a legitimate super-hero. But then if there was logic it wouldn’t have been the 70’s.

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