Saturday Morning Ridiculousness – Super Friends S1 Ep9

This is part of my weekly Saturday Morning installment dedicated to archiving and commenting on the wonderful “what else can we put in here to make it an hour” ridiculousness that is the cartoon series, Super Friends.

Season 1 – Episode 9: “The Balloon People”

Airdate was November 3, 1973.

Short Synopsis: There’s a spacecraft on the “space monitor” at headquarters. “The saucer is transporting a family of strange humanoids. They are The Balloon People – Krim, his wife Gloma, their daughter, Plinky, and a dog, Grunk.” – Narrator

I can only assume their last name is Zappa. These Balloon People can inflate and deflate to various sizes, like Robert De Niro and Tom Hanks. They can also move things telepathically. I’ll give you one guess as to why they are coming to Earth. And I’m not even going to tell you the answer because Godamnit if you don’t know by now that Earth’s awesome inhabitable atmosphere brings all the boys to the yard, then you’ll never learn.

I didn’t ask “let me see it, “ I asked “how”

I'm pretty sure this is the inspiration for the "Like A Prayer" video

Wendy asks them how they deflate and inflate. And the answer is: “like this.” No shit. Super Friends has never really been too worried about alien anatomy.

The World Herald – The World’s Local Newspaper
Here’s the day’s headline in The World Herald. The Super Friends are shitty secret-keepers, apparently.

Here’s some other recent headlines in The World Herald:

The Krim Family = The World’s In-Laws
Super Friends may not be the best show for demonstrating the amazing power and moral strength of super heroes. But, it is a good guide for how to handle out of town guests.

“The Super Friends arrive to pay a social call to the Krim Family.” – The Narrator

“We Super Friends would like to help you become acquainted with Earth. We’ll take you on sight-seeing trips on land, and in the sky, and undersea if you desire.” – Aquaman

Other suggested activities:
Take them fishing:

Have them help you clean up the backyard so it will look nice for Superman, who’s on his way to pick them up for sight-seeing:

Show them the countryside while flying them around in their tiny spaceship:

Show them the wonders of the Corral Reef. Watch out for “diabolical sea-suckers.”

Wonder Woman – Seriously, Super Friends?
This is what Wonder Woman can do – kick ass and take names later:

This is what they have her do in this episode:
Batman: I suggest we take turns acting as their personal body guards.
Wonder Woman: Good, I’ll draw up a schedule.

Anderson Cooper Reports the “News!”

“{The head of the EPA} has also invited the Krim Family to attend the meeting. The invitation includes Wonder Dog, who this evening will be taken to the pet shop for a hair trim and pedicure.”

In a world where living humanoids that are made of balloons exist, there’s one major concern weighing on Robin’s mind.

“Krim?! KRIM!? What are you doing in the neighbor’s yard!??”

If you would like to witness these shenanigans in all their glory, the first season of Super Friends is available on DVD.

6 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Ridiculousness – Super Friends S1 Ep9”

  1. Hey, just wanted to say how hilarious these Super Friends write ups are, I always end up laughing out loud. Thank you for writing all this!

  2. One more headline:

    Wonder Man thinks Angelina Jolie is an ugly bitch

    I watched Superfriends like my wife watches Greys Anatomy – all the time and way too emotionally. I don’t remember this episode.

    I’ll say this. Balloon people will make sure I don’t view The Biggest Loser the same, ever again.

    Happy Sunday

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