I’m Warning You, Don’t Put a Baby in There

I have some plastic bins from Ikea:

This is a plastic bin from Ikea - put stuff in it.

These bins have my most favorite warning stickers that I’ve actually seen in person:

Ikea is kind enough to show you why you shouldn’t put a baby in the bin if it isn’t small enough to completely fit inside – you can’t stack, which means you can’t maximize baby storage space.

16 thoughts on “I’m Warning You, Don’t Put a Baby in There”

  1. I think I saw a punk band called The Bin Babies at CBGBs in 1995. They were terrible, but they did warn me before they took the stage, they sucked.

  2. Damnit!! Well, at least I kept my receipts. I would have been really bummed if I was stuck with bins that wouldn’t fully contain all of my baby storage needs.

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