I Once Pulled a Muscle Being Versatile

Yelling Near You and Thoughts Appear were kind enough to award me this:

The rules are:
1. Show the award on my blog
2. Compose a short dedication to the persons who awarded them the award
3. Write a list of five things for their readers that detail things about themselves their readers don’t know, and then
4. Pay the love forward to five bloggers that they feel deserve to receive the Versatile Blogger Award, too.

Number one, done! Must fight typical “I need to take a celebratory break from getting so much done!” reaction and move on. So, two great blogs:

Yelling Near You (Mark and Bitsy, Bitsy and Mark) is great for many reasons:
– Mark is the resource for all of your Canadian advertisement needs.
– He also believes that “mid-season finale” is as idiotic as I do.
– They have an adorable big orange dog who gets his picture taken a lot (and gets his teeth brushed with Mark’s toothbrush).
– Bitsy hasn’t lost her sense of humor despite a cast, medication, acne, and sweating.

Thoughts Appear’s Blog is also great for many reasons:
– She is the resource for all of your Pop Tart information needs.
– Thanks to her, I don’t have to watch Children of the Corn 7 and many other movies which she has bravely endured and passed on the pertinent facts from.
– She just got back together with her boyfriend, squeeeee!
– She found a mysterious hole in the woods and didn’t go see what was in there, which probably saved her life, but also left a mystery we will never know the answer to.

Things you don’t know about me but now do:
1. My lack of a sense of a direction has left me in tears on multiple occasions, and one time, because I missed an exit on the highway, I ended up going on a Christmas hay ride with my aunt and uncle, who had to rescue me and didn’t have time to get me home.
2. One time as a teen I got the two family cars stuck together while trying to back out of the garage. It was amazing.
3. I was born in and have always lived in the South, and I can’t stand humid heat. When I went to the Utah desert July of last year, I realized that there is such a thing as “dry heat” and became very jealous.
4. Tom and I have owned three houses (not at once), and our current house is for sale, in anticipation of hopefully moving back to N.C. and owning our fourth fucking house.  Every time we know we’re going to end up in a new house, we convince ourselves that this time we will become responsible, capable adults who get shit done. It didn’t happen the first three times but I KNOW this time will be different.
5. When I get hungry and my blood sugar drops, I become a black hole that sucks all joy and fun out of the immediate area. That person’s nickname is Scarrie. She is the reason Tom sometimes says things like “we need to feed her,” which once offended my neighbor on behalf of me, and I assured her, there’s no offense to be taken, because that’s how bad it is. The fear of encountering Scarrie has also caused my sister to not be willing to give her husband a granola bar she had because she knew I’d need it later. And I did need it later, and catastrophe was averted that day.

And five nominated blogs, all of which I’ve had the pleasure discovering from blogging (and Twittering):
Our Daily Escape
My Blog Can Beat up Your Blog
Ach du Lieber, Jayne!
Going to Mensa

Now, I really need to eat something…

20 thoughts on “I Once Pulled a Muscle Being Versatile”

  1. Congratulations on the award! You deserve it. And thank you for sending the love to me!
    I am constantly lost and spent my daughter’s childhood following her around because she always knew exactly where we were supposed to be! Now I have to listen faithfully to my phone to get anywhere!
    Eat…eat now!

  2. Oh no! Are you hypoglycemic? I am, and it is awful, I turn scary too. My husband and I refer to it as ‘Let the Right One In’. Except instead of blood I need a sugar-free protein bar (bleck!).

    Yay for Our Daily Escape, it’s one of my faves too! And now I’m off to check out your other winners!

    1. I could very well be hypoglycemic. I’ve learned to not be stupid and not eat because it’s close to meal time. That’s when it’s the worst. Now, I just eat something, which doesn’t help with staying skinny, but does make others around me happier.

  3. Thanks for the Versatile Blogger nom!! You’re my first and I’ll never forget you. I probably won’t call you in the morning, but I will remember you!

  4. That was just some plain old good information. I have weird blood sugar issues, too. It sort of creeps up out of the blue. Oh, I also suffer from a horrible sense of direction. You have to admit, sometimes it’s a fun, fun adventure.

  5. Congrats on your award! If you move back we can hang! Depending of course on which part of the state. I get pretty mean when I am hungry too…which usually just means i end up stuffing my face with crappy junk food out of desperation to quell the evil within.

  6. I’m just proud that you and have disobeyed the laws of physics and horror movies by proving that a robot and a cannibal can co-exist in snarky bliss.

    Thank you for the shoutout. Without you, I would have forgotten how awesomely awful Superfriends was when I was a little bitty kid.


  7. #2: I wasn’t talented enough to get the cars stuck together. I just dented them a little. That was about 12 years ago. My dad still watches me while I back up to leave his house.

  8. Yay! Awards!

    Boo! Hypoglycemia! My husband is the same way. He gets a certain hateful glare that lets me know that yelling will happen soon if food doesn’t appear.

    We are just on our first house but I see a rental or maybe a very new townhouse with very little yard in our future. I thought for some reason that when we bought a 30-year-old house we would magically become total DIY HGTV devotees. It did not happen!

  9. Thanks for the nom!!!
    As a diabetic, I feel the pain of our low blood sugar. And my girl ocassionaly needs the feeding too. I’ve learned to watch for her signs and be ready when it gets to that time.

    I once drove a 69 (67?) dart into the side of the house. Barely scratched the paint!

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