I liked The Godfather on Facebook and it led to this post.

I was on Facebook the other day, and this ad caught my eye:

So many questions filled my mind: Why does me liking The Godfather mean I would be a good substance abuse counselor? Is that sexy green-haired girl the addict or the counselor? Do I HAVE to?

I like to try and make sense of things, so I started thinking, and I guess if you consider that Vito Corleone opposed the families getting into the heroin trade, it could be marginally related to drug counseling.

Then I thought, the random pairings of movies and occupations is something I would probably be good at. Here’s a group of ads to show my ability and to announce my availability to meet all of your nonsensical film and career combination needs.

24 thoughts on “I liked The Godfather on Facebook and it led to this post.”

  1. I love how your mind works. And for the record, I’m often distrubed by the Facebook suggestions I get, especially when they’re based of those of my friends “likes.” Really? Dan likes “Girls Gone Wild” so I should like “Lesbian Garden Plotting?” No thanks.

  2. Oh man. I need a new career path and was hoping some of your genius ideas would be the next great idea for me. However, I do not like any of these movies. Whatever shall I do?

  3. Like Marathon Man?

    Become a dental hygientist in 3 days.

    Like Pulp Fiction?

    Become a self-employed car detailer in less than an hour.

  4. Facebook is like the Cindy Brady of the internet.
    Marcia likes Charmin Toilet Paper!
    Greg likes AfroSheen!
    Bobby just touched me!

    Your Sophies Choice ad made me snort and now I feel guilty.

  5. You totally have the mind of a copy-writer! “Misery” was on TV last night – I suppose if I like Misery then I should consider a career in Search and Rescue? Nursing? Hobbling? Help, Carrie!

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