The Things You Find When Packing 1

I should really be packing right now. We’re at that stage where not everything is packed, but a lot of it is, so you reach this false sense of security while also being stressed out by the mess. I look around and marvel that anyone ever actually moves all their stuff from one place to another.

We’ve been going through junk drawers and boxes of paper. This has unearthed a few gems.

In the junk drawer in the kitchen, I found this IOU that Tom made me for my birthday several years ago. We often joke that I can get fixated on something and feel that one thing will set off a string of events that will then lead to me being a capable, responsible person (moving, coincidentally, is one of these things, as well). In the case of this IOU, that thing was a filter that attaches to a ceiling fan. Tom, as you already know, has an excellent sense of humor and luckily I have one about myself:

Time has passed, and I never ended up with the ceiling fan thingy, and I can’t exactly remember how it would have led to never-ending happiness, but I’m sure my case was airtight and we’ll never know for sure if I was right because I didn’t get one.

I was going to share everything I’ve found so far, but if I don’t start packing again, my generous sister and brother-in-law, who are coming to help us move, are going to slaughter me with my still-unpacked knives.

So, more uncovered gems to come.


22 thoughts on “The Things You Find When Packing 1”

  1. I hope you plan on cashing that in, if only so you can find out exactly what a magic thingy is. Also, I want one.

  2. I shared this with a facebook friend having fan troubles. I assume she’d be able to feed her fan to the fan and get a working fan out of the fan?

    1. It was this circular thing that had a filter in it. You modified the ceiling fan, taking off the blades and putting that thing it their place. It was in the home of someone with like 17 dogs, which is a pretty good endorsement.

  3. Gag. I hate packing. If I had to sit down & count the hours I’ve spent packing up my shit, it would total way too much & then I would emotional eat & drown myself in cheeseburgers or chips. Or both.

    Rage eating is a vicious cycle.

    Good luck with the packing!
    P.S IOU note is tres cute.

  4. Do you realize how much suspense you’ve created by promising us more good items? And damn that Tom for not buying you the fan thingy. I just can’t speak right now, due to distress.

  5. It was a blatant lie. Everyone knows the only way to make magical flower smiley face air is to filter it through a unicorn.

  6. Oh man. You mean he denied you eternal bliss and happiness by not following through on installing the magical unicorn fart fan filter thingy? If I were you, I would stop packing and get thee to a divorce lawyer, stat! That there is inexcusable!! For shame, Tom. For shame.

  7. Just pack the knives and then show us some more! Don’t they sell that fan at Costco? I never have the patience to wait in line that long. Happy moving!

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