Elliott is the George Lucas of Domesticated Cats

My cat is a temperamental director in his own mind. He, like George Lucas, feels there’s always room for improvement, even for the classics. When I watch a movie or television show, this is the set up:

So, oftentimes, Elliott decides that what I’m trying to watch isn’t good enough so he jumps on to the coffee table to enhance my viewing experience. I don’t want to be the only person to benefit from his vision. Here, at long last, is the chance to view TV and movies in the way they are supposed to be seen.

First, the obvious choice: The Empire Strikes Back. In Elliott’s version, you can’t hear it since it’s a blog post, but instead of the recently Lucas-added “NOOOOOO!”, Darth Vader yells “MEOOOOOW.”

Gone with the Wind:

The Walking Dead

The Godfather (I didn’t really feel he added much and that it was an unnecessary change, but Elliott told me to “suck it.”)

It’s A Wonderful Life:

Game of Thrones:


Elliott told me to tell you “you’re welcome.”

20 thoughts on “Elliott is the George Lucas of Domesticated Cats”

  1. Awww. That makes me miss my cat. But then again, I can now watch a TV show without a furry feline ass in my face. No, I still miss my cat.

    I think Elliott needs to write a guest post of his own to defend his side of the story…

  2. Next thing you know, he’s going to bogart the remote and you’ll be stuck watching Hillbilly Hand Fishing. Watch out for that one. His butt looks sneaky.

  3. I’ve got a fever, and the only prescription is more cat ass! (said in a Christopher Walken voice where “cowbell” is replaced by “cat ass.”)

  4. Monki, our 11 month old kitten is the same way. She will jump on the tv stand and express her desire for certain shows.

    She’s a Walking Dead fan, doesn’t like the kid shows the girls watch, can’t stand Bobina’s Grey’s Anatomy and loves baseball.

    Also, Bobina’s back and my lap are her favorite tv viewing spots.

  5. All I kept thinking of were the horrible “Attack Of The Giant…” movies from the 50s.
    Maybe Elliot is trying to recreate a beloved piece of cinematic history?

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