But do they pass the savings on to me?

Lydia has started eating “solid” foods – gruel and the like. While I appreciate that the rice cereal I bought for her is organic, I’m not sure about their labor practices:

baby cereal 1

baby cereal 2

These babies don’t even get bathroom breaks – they have to wear diapers! Also it doesn’t seem very safe to force them to wear no clothes while they’re harvesting, that’s just going to lead to sunburns. They’re not even training their employees right – look how that baby is holding the watering can – there’s a handle for a reason for God’s sake!

I’m sure the employees get paid in empty gift bags, tissue paper, old pairs of glasses, and empty plastic soda bottles, so I’m not sure I should be paying as much as I did for this cereal. Surely with this workforce it could be much cheaper and they could still turn a profit.

10 thoughts on “But do they pass the savings on to me?”

  1. I guess the marketing people wanted a different image to the standard rosy-cheeked bubs scoffing down cereal, so they came up with ones that make people think of child-labour laws. Well done, ad agency.

    What is this GEI, of which there is none?

  2. This is unacceptable. I give my infant laborers two 15 minute smoke breaks per shift. Also, Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance and all the coffee they can drink.

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