Amazing and Interesting Updates

1. Last week when Tom and I were on a walk, we saw a lady literally walking and reading a book. She was also walking on the wrong side of the road (this bothers me immensely). This is how people cartoons fall down manholes. I thought maybe she would be a cartoon as she approached, but when she passed us, she was clearly a three dimensional human.

This is what she looked like but she WASN'T a drawing or cartoon.
This is what she looked like but she WASN’T a drawing or cartoon. I don’t mean to confuse anyone further but I wanted a visual for this post.

2. Recently we were eating dinner with my sister’s family and my niece complained that she was still hungry even though she still had food on her plate. My sister said she can have more salad if she’d like and she said, “Yes, I want more salad, but just the cheese part.” I think that pretty much sums up all of existence.

3. I found my Super Friends DVD! Guess where it was? No. Try again. Ok, I’ll just tell you – IT WAS IN THE TRASH. The only two scenarios I can think of are that either it was precariously balanced on the sofa arm and fell into the trash, OR the DVDs became self-aware and, realizing that they were a Super Friends DVD collection, put themselves in the trash. The good news is they were not harmed in the week and a half they were stuck in the bottom of a trash can.

4. The bad news is there still may not be a Super Friends this week because I have my fourth cold in as many months. I’ve been blessed with a sore throat for this cold and if there’s anything that makes me a big ol’ baby who feels she’s too ill and feeble to do a Super Friends post, it’s a sore throat. WHAT IS THE POINT OF A SORE THROAT? I get it, I’m sick. The fever couldn’t beat it so it went away – sore throat, fuck you, you don’t need to remind me I don’t feel well. Boo hoo, you’re smothered in snot – ALL OF ME IS SMOTHERED IN SNOT, you aren’t special!

5. Sorry, I get a little carried away in my hatred of sore throats. I would say it’s my least favorite symptom, but I’ve never had lesions or boils or coughed up blood so I’m not really ready to commit to that/am superstitious.

6. I hope everyone is having a great week and I’ll hopefully be back in the swing of things next week.

21 thoughts on “Amazing and Interesting Updates”

  1. I often read a book while walking–it’s the only chance I get to read for fun. Open manholes are easy to spot because you’re facing down and can see them in peripheral vision to avoid them. It’s low hanging tree branches you have to watch out for.

    I hope that you feel better soon! Sore throats suck.

  2. So . . . tell me exactly how you feel about sore throats. Pro or con?

    This is what camera phones are for, Carrie. If she’s reading, she won’t even SEE you.

    Sorry you are sickie. Feel better soon, ok?

  3. I have to side with your snot-covered self in the walking-while-reading debacle. Well, I guess I don’t care if they walk and read–possible chance I will witness something funny when they walk into a tree–as long as they don’t run into anyone else. Be stupid if you want. Don’t be rude.

    Sore throats suck, but any symptom that interferes with me eating (think digestive, cold-covered taste buds/stuffy nose, etc.) piss me off. I JUST WANT TO TASTE MY FOOD AND NOT PUKE IT UP! Get well soon.

  4. I’ve had a cough and runny nose for a month. I think it’s allergies. I hate it. I’m a snot-bomb. I totally relate.

    I would have liked to watch her fall down the manhole.

    I also like to think that your DVD committed suicide. “NO! I can’t allow anyone else to watch me. JUST CANNOT.”

    Can I have some of your niece’s cheese? It’s the best part of any salad. Well, that and the croutons and the bacon bits.

  5. Sounds like allergies that FEEL like a cold, or you are the most unhealthy person EVAH.

    How did you FIND the CD on the bottom of your trash? Were you digging through trash? Maybe this is why you’re always sick…

  6. I hate it when people read while they walk, too… but even more when they read and drive. And please educate me on how a person can be walking down the wrong side of the road. Aren’t there sidewalks?

  7. I walk and read *all the time*. Though, I’m not sure if I’m on the correct side of the road, as I generally do it on sidewalks through my city’s downtown area. I don’t think I’d do it on a road without sidewalks. And, after nearly two years of it, I haven’t run into anyone or down any manholes or into any trees. I did hit a waist-high barricade that was blocking the entire path once.

    1. Oh to each their own on the sidewalk, for sure. But on a regular road, where we had to swerve around her and thus get more into the middle of potential traffic? That’s not worth the joy she must feel being in an imagined world in real life on a street. I hope your shins recovered quickly.

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