I would make a perfect Super Friend.

You guys, I can’t find my Super Friends DVD. I needed to get the post done today (Thursday) because we have family visiting starting this evening and I won’t have time to do it.

The DVDs have their case and then an “outer sleeve” that holds that case. I have the outer sleeve. I can’t find the one that actually has the DVDs. The outer sleeve spent the week safely tucked away on the floor and I thought that’s where the DVDs were but when it came time to load up the DVD only the lowly, lonely sleeve was to be found. I’m sure while I was cleaning up yesterday, I put the DVDs “somewhere safe” where I would know where they were just like I did with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs four years ago. I don’t think they’ll be missing that long but they’re not going to show up in time to write a post by Saturday (these stupid posts take hours and hours). I yelled into the outer sleeve “where are your contents!!!” but I got no reply.

I feel super terrible since last week was a cliffhanger and I know you’re all dying to find out whether the Earth was split into five pieces and Earthlings were sold off as slaves or if that didn’t happen. If anyone would like to come over and help me look just let me know.

In a semi-related story – my niece was looking at the sleeve and I told her who everyone was, including Wonder Woman. My nice said, “I’ve seen her somewhere before! Does she like juice?”

I said something like, “Uhhh, I guess.”

So now I’m wondering how Wonder Woman and juice are related and how my niece knows this or if she was just making casual conversation.

Anyhow, my deepest apologies. I will spend the rest of the week searching for the DVDs and should be back up and running next week.

18 thoughts on “I would make a perfect Super Friend.”

  1. We’ll have to hang off the cliff for another week, then, suspense building by the day.

    See, that is what happens when you clean the house. “Someplace safe” turns out to be a black hole of oblivion.

  2. I’m wondering if your niece meant something else by juice. Like that Wonder Woman is known for her love of steriods, or her love of OJ Simpson.

    I often put things in a safe place so I won’t lose them and then I never see them again. I’m not sure, but I think my safe place might be a wormhole to another dimension.

  3. I bet the evil aliens hid the DVDs in an effort to retain their dignity from the fearsome force of your wit. They know your analysis is way more popular than their plan was feasible.

  4. Too bad the Wonder Twins aren’t there to help you. Zan could transform into a magnifying glass made of ice and Jayna could transform into a kangaroo and hop around your place using the Zan-magnifying glass to look for the lost DVD. Then Gleek could get his tail stuck in the DVD player.

  5. I’m a little slow in playing catch up, but bummed that you’re missing your DVD. On a positive note, I thought of you last week when I had a dream about Aquaman. Now I will forever link you to Super Friends.

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