I Knew That Looked Familiar

If you watch The Walking Dead, you know that a mysterious hooded figure with two zombies chained to her showed up at the end of the season finale:

You might have been thinking to yourself, “that looks really familiar, I’ve seen that before, somewhere, but for some reason, when I think about the other place I’ve seen it, I feel the need for a peppermint.” That is completely normal. What you are thinking of is my favorite figurine ever, of which I wrote a blog post about when I was the only one who saw my blog:

It’s exactly the same! Except, instead of a katana sword, she has a giant candy cane, and instead of zombies, she has lil santas. And, after thinking long and hard about it, I STILL think my figurine is creepier. However, with a little magic, I think this probably puts the Walking Dead image in first place:

P.S. If you would like to learn more about my weird lady with two chained Santas figurine, here is the original post.

28 thoughts on “I Knew That Looked Familiar”

  1. Your figurine is much more creepy since, due to the bright colors, you can see it slowly coming for you mist or not. It’s somehow scarier this way.

  2. Digging back in your blog because that figurine is seriously messed up. And I am intrigued. You should run a wayback feature for old posts. Like a Cannibal Nerd hot tub time machine.

  3. haha. . . that’s awesome. I stopped watching Walking Dead after the first season because I was getting stressed out over the lack of downtime between suspenseful scenes.

    I think I could watch the santa show though. . .

  4. Damn. Everything has been done before, hasn’t it?
    And, yes, the slave Santas are much creepier. I mean, they still have their lower jaws and arms. That angel is totally gonna get bit!

  5. We had that figurine in our house, too. I wonder if my general dislike of the Christmas season is somehow tied to the santa slave issue.

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