Found this at my local Kroger Grocery Store

What about kids with Awkward, Drunk, Passive Aggressive, Yelling, Emotionally Distant Families, etc.? Where’s their play sets? Not at the Kroger, that’s where.

And then, to add insult to injury they have this:

Stick your finger in here and have a taste of what you can never have. The Horror! Look at those assholes, just smiling, mocking you and your non-happy family-having finger.

Also, if you are getting your kid a present at the grocery store, it’s most likely 11pm on Christmas Eve. So, if this was meant to be an ironic product, then kudos.

2 thoughts on “Discrimination!”

  1. Ha! Ironic present. That is good. Wait a minute . . . I think you have the next big thing on your hands. You are a marketing genius! Ironic Gifts will be all the rage for xmas 2012.

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