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To save myself the anxiety of of writing a cohesive explanation of myself, I’ve gone the tidbit route:

  • Currently live in Atlanta suburbs, trying really hard to get back to North Carolina, where I’m from.
  • Been writing in some capacity since I moved to Georgia with Tom, my husband. I have a degree in English but I will be the first person to tell you that doesn’t qualify me as a good writer. Particularly in the comma and passive voice department.
  • The last six years have been a bit of a blur due to being up to my eyeballs in dog rescue. The dogs are great, the sheer number of them is overwhelming. I’ll talk about the people later. I’ve now got my head above water enough to do a few other things, which is nice.
  • We have two dogs – Jenkins and Ed. Two dogs is really impressive for people who work in rescue. But nobody gives awards for that. We (ok, I) also have a cat, Elliott. He’s an asshole.
  • I watch a lot of TV and movies. I love pop  culture. Although, I don’t like reality shows, and so all of these people getting famous for being on reality shows makes me feel old cause I don’t know who they are.

Contact: carrie@cannibalisticnerd.com

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18 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. I live in Athens, GA. I have a husband named Tom. I have a BA in English. I have two dogs and our cat recently died, but while he was alive he was a complete asshole.
    This is really getting weird.

      1. I even forgot to mention that I hate reality tv, love movies and pop culture and my best friend since 2nd grade is named Carrie.
        Yeah, “Tom” will have some esplainin’ to do!

  2. Whoa.

    My name is Carrie.

    But I live in Texas. No husband and don’t even know a man named Tom. I blog and that’s as close to writing as I get.

    Had a dog I loved more than life, but never, ever a cat. Cats are assholes.

    Way creepy stuff here.


  3. I like the way you write!
    I’m in animalrescuing too but my husbands name is Oscar, not Tom. We live in Uruguay, not the States but I am an english teacher, does that count??? 😉
    I do get point for being similar, don’t I???
    Oh, I almost forgot, we have only one dog, at the moment.
    Sooo…that’s about it.
    Thanks for the spot and “carrie” on. 😉

  4. My name isn’t Tom. I’m also not married to a Tom. But my husband works for a Tom whose wife has an English degree (I think). And I live in Georgia. But the other big city, because Atlanta is sorta dirty (sorry).

    And I volunteer for a rescue, while owning two dogs and two cats, none of which are particularly assholish. My horse is an asshole, though. One of the cats, Lizzie Borden (rescue), did bite a vet tech and put her in the hospital. Does that count?

    1. You have a cat named Lizzie Borden? First of all, of course a cat named Lizzie Borden would bite a vet tech, and second, having a cat named Lizzie Borden s completely awesome.

      I need to update this page – I don’t live in dirty Atlanta anymore!

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