1975 – A good year for creepy children and Corduroy.

As you may already know, I like to look through old catalogs on wishbookweb.com. I genuinely like doing it, so please don’t comfort yourself by thinking that I look at them so I can make fun of them later. That’s just a bonus.

This weekend, my catalog of choice was the 1975 Sears Catalog. It was a good year for catalogs. The plaids, mustard yellows, burnt oranges, and avocado greens were plentiful and the bottoms were belled. Here’s what I found:

Have you ever seen a more depressing image in a catalog? These two clearly did NOT want Winnie the Pooh jogging suits for Christmas.
I find this picture frightening. I feel like these children are threatening me with the way Pooh's head is on the floor and they are eating his innards. And the look on their faces doesn't help, either.
What is this? Some kind of messed up training for future Eyes Wide Shut parties? These are pajamas, not costumes. Children who wear creepy masks to bed should not be marketed to in Sears catalogs. And, if they are the spawn of Satan, you can't even fight them off with fire because the pajamas are flame resistant.

Finally, I was really surprised when I fake turned the page and saw world-famous 1970’s-early 80s supermodel Corduroy featured on the pages.

What he was doing in the Sears catalog, and how they could have afforded him is a mystery. As we all know, he quickly shot to fame and was on the cover of dozens of high-profile magazines.

Until, of course his untimely death – brought down by the excesses of being a famous one-name 1970s supermodel.

R.I.P. Corduroy.

22 thoughts on “1975 – A good year for creepy children and Corduroy.”

  1. How on earth did you find that rare and elusive Sports Illustrated cover of Corduroy? You must have paid a collector big buckeroonies!!

    Also, this is eery, because I swear that girl holding the cookie jar is my doppleganger, circa 1979. Either that or I practiced in time travelling as a young girl with no memory of the occurance. I blame Corduroy.

      1. Oh gawd! This is obviously because of my sick and twisted mind, but when I first read that, I saw “memory wiping semen” and was like EWWWW. Maybe that means Corduroy WAS there! 🙂

  2. I liked wearing courdoroy as a kid because you could make designs in your pants when you were bored in school….plus you could make that swoosh noise when you walked to annoy your teachers.

    70s moustache defined male sexuality, didn’t it?

  3. I am OBSESSED with vintage catalogs! Especially the Sears ads where they refer to slightly bigger girls as “chubbies”.

    Corduroy just made my day. Maybe my life, even.

  4. When I saw that picture of the two little girls, my first reaction was, “Dear God. What did they do to POOH!” Glad to know it creeped you out as well.
    The E! True Hollywood Story about Corduroy was an eye-opener. Apparently lycra is a gate-way fabric. Who knew?

  5. I use to live for the Sears catalog. I was so jealous of the models, wrongly believing that they got to keep all of the beautiful clothes they wore and toys they posed with. haha! (Yes, I was deprived.)

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