Why didn’t you say something!?

Our house went off the market two weeks ago, and ever since then, the interest in buying  it has skyrocketed. Realtors have been calling Tom constantly wanting to “clarify some info” (nice try, but people who hate making phone calls as much as we do don’t fall for that crap). And, we got two letters in the mail from people who are interested in buying our house!

The first one was from a realtor who KNOWS SOMEONE WHO WANTS TO BUY OUR HOUSE, OMG! They get points for: 1. typing the letter (very professional) and 2. the bright blue envelope, really catches the eye. Plus, she wishes us all the best, she really has our best interest at heart.

The second one was from sweet Tara, who, along with her husband, loved our house, but must have ran out of time before it was taken off the market, their future snatched away in the blink of an eye. This one gets points for: 1. hand written in red ink (adds a personal touch) 2. the dollar signs around the word “buy.” You don’t know if someone is serious unless they really spell it out for you, and the dollar signs showed they meant business.

I really don’t want to upset these people and tell them that we found renters for the house.  This means two people who would have probably handed us a suitcase filled with cash (more than asking price, obviously) are out of luck. Hopefully they’ll be able to get over the disappointment.

30 thoughts on “Why didn’t you say something!?”

  1. I’m all about a handwritten note, but who sends a letter telling them they want to $Buy$ their house? If they had called you instead, maybe your house would still be on the market and they COULD $Buy$ your house. Sigh…

    It’s like the second you start dating someone, all the cute guys come out of the woodwork, only because you’re taken. Or so I’ve heard. I really can’t relate…

  2. “Shit just got real” made me LOL. I was just in Atlanta two weeks ago. You should have said something, I’d have bought your house!

  3. Are you kidding me? You mean my old house that was on the market off and on for the last 4 FLIPPIN’ YEARS, and we could not sell no matter what . . . all we had to do was just take it off the market and the $Cash$ would have poured in?? Why, Carrie? Why didn’t you tell me this oh so many years ago?

    I feel you owe me some sort of commission for my time and distress. Say, 5%? That sounds fair, no?

    1. I’m so sorry! I didn’t know, either! If it would make you feel any better, I’m willing to send you a handwritten note expressing my interest in buying your house – I won’t (just like my letters!), but maybe it will lift your spirits for a millisecond.

  4. Love the shit got reals bit myself as well. I think you did your neighbors a service not selling your house to people who put symbols on either sides of their words.

    FYI, if i didn’t already poke at you – please come and write for http://www.LifesSuggestionBox.com – Where Writers Turn Bitching into Art. Sneaky real estate agents would be a good topic… Love to have ya!

  5. Why is amy poking you and not me?

    The handwritten notes are fine but mentioning cash in them is creepy. That screams DRUG DEALER.

  6. Don’t they know that dollar signs mean nothing. Dollar bills are where it’s at. Obviously you’re not going to $BUY$ unless a George Washington is stapled to the letter.

  7. I only trust the letters that are written with words or letters cut out of magazines. These two look phony – you know they mean business when they’re willing to take the time to scour the pages of magazines to craft you a letter. Congrats on the renters!

  8. I got no calls on my house before I listed it with a realtor. Once I listed it and had to pay the 6 percent, people started calling me instead of her.

    I still had to pay the commission. Isn’t it funny how things work. At least you got it rented…

  9. Wow. Do you suppose that somehow Tara-of-the-red-ink-and-gratuitous-dollar-signs knows that you have a blog and that this would be excellent fodder?

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