Saturday Morning Ridiculous: A Cheat-y Shut Up, Batman Compilation

Due to being at Disney World this week, which takes up all day and then causes an instant coma as soon as you get back to the hotel room, I didn’t have time to do the next installment of Super Friends.

So, since it cannot be over-stressed that Batman needs to shut up, I’ve compiled his most shutty uppy-est moments so far:

Shut Up, Batman
Superman (double checking that the money they have been tasked with protecting is still in fact, there): The money is gone!
Batman: I suggest we investigate.

“Learning is something only Marvin can do for Marvin – right, Superman?” – Batman

Batman chiding Robin for not keeping off the grass.

My husband doodled this at work last week. Unrelated, but eerily appropriate:

Shut Up, Batman
“We can guess why you’re here Mr. Huggins – weird things are happening.” – Batman, ever astute.

Shut Up, Batman
“Here comes the twin to the other baby.” – Batman, referring to the second tidal wave.

Batman and the USGB, Like a Moth to a Flame
Batman and Robin end up at the United States Government Building again. They need to get from the 10th floor to the 60th, and, I swear to God, they decide to take the stairs because it would be good exercise (and because the elevator would be too “noisy”).

“Just enough to tone our muscles,” says Batman. Shut up, Batman.

Shut Up, Batman. For the love of God, shut up.
After Wonder Dog is giantized, he scares Shamon, who thinks he’s a Yeti, for some reason. Shamon runs back into the arms of Batman and Robin, who have somehow managed to get themselves stuck inside Shamon’s lab. Shamon then begs B&R to save him from the “Yeti,” who’s heading their way and B&R have this conversation:

Robin: What’ll we use, Batman, the laser gun?
Batman: Only as a last resort. If this IS a Yeti, it’s a rare creature. For the sake of science I’d like to capture it alive.
Robin: How? Its ten feet tall!
Batman: I’ll fashion my batline into a lasso. You man the laser gun just in case.

If you would like to witness these shenanigans in all their glory, the first season of Super Friends is available on DVD.

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