Pregnancy Observations

I’ve got five weeks to go. Here’s my observations and truths based on the past few months of being pregnant:

1. You can always get bigger. I look back and laugh (but not really because it can be uncomfortable) at the past me at 25 weeks who thought, “I don’t see how I can get bigger than this.” Stupid, stupid fool.

2. Crumbs. I think it’s the combination of lower cut maternity shirts, pregnancy pant stretch panels, and truly more slovenly eating habits that have caused me to have to empty out my bra, shirt, and pants of leftovers on a regular basis. I don’t know how I haven’t been attacked by a colony of ants, yet.

3. “That’s where that stays now.” If anything ends up on the floor – money, trash, clothes, remote controls – that is their new place where they belong. It’s fate.

4. “Washing your hands is overrated” and other such disgusting compromises you make with yourself. I’m starting to have trouble reaching the faucet knobs. People don’t have to shower EVERY WEEK, for Christ’s sake. I’m just going to pretend I don’t see the dog eating the cat vomit. The five second rule becomes the 10 minute rule, Etc.

5. My niece is very flexible when it comes to still being able to play with her aunt. “Ok, let’s pretend we’re napping and we hear the pirate bear in the distance.” Done. “You can walk and I’ll run from the pirate bear.” Deal.

6. I’m completely screwed if I encounter a real pirate bear.

Pirate Bear
“Argh, when ye ‘r nappin’ is when I get to treasure grabbin'”

7. A LOT of plots of TV shows and movies involve children and babies and pregnant ladies in peril. Almost every show I’ve been watching: Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy, The Bridge, Luther, Orphan Black, The Blacklist pilot, The Walking Dead, has had terribly perilous situations for kids and babies. After a century of film making it’s good so see people can still come up with creative horrible ways to put children in the line of danger.

8. No strangers have touched my belly so far. One of my biggest anxieties about being pregnant was this idea that obnoxious women would be lurking around every corner, waiting to feel me up and ask invasive questions – like that’s what they do for a living somehow. I feel fortunate that no one has done this but that could also be that I rarely leave the house, am covered in crumbs, and haven’t showered.

9. Tested truth: If I go to the Wizard of Oz theatrical re-release (which I did), and you bring your adorable twin three year old daughters dressed as Dorothy and the Wicked Witch (which someone did), I will have to work hard not to break down in tears. This is despite my continuing to be pretty even keeled and robotic even through pregnancy.

10. Tested truth 2: Driving two and a half hours to the nearest Ikea and then spending 6-7 hours there, only to find out they don’t have the couch and loveseat you chose in stock, can be an unpleasant experience for all involved, pregnant or not. Also, wandering around an Ikea for hours on end can get you a little dehydrated and cause Braxton Hicks contractions (harmless contractions named after Toni Braxton and Bill Hicks for some reason). Your only comfort is seeing about 3 other pregnant ladies in the same situation, testing every bed and chair they come across in an attempt to make it a little more tolerable. FYI, when you hit the textile/frames/shelving areas – that’s where you’ll find the largest chair testing shortages.


24 thoughts on “Pregnancy Observations”

  1. “You can walk and I’ll run from the pirate bear.” This is proof you’re totally ready to parent. And I think you might be on to something with the “no showering = no touching” thing. It seems logical to me.

    I’ve also never been to IKEA, but I heard the “D” in DIY stands for divorce, so I think you get bonus points for sticking together.

  2. Not much to say except yup, but it will eventually get better.

    Kinda shocked at the no touchy thing though. That was one of my biggest pet peeves.

  3. dude, the fact NO strangers have touched your belly shows how far we’ve come as a culture. You’re living in a better time than people think.

    I miss Superfriends but I can’t wait to see/meet lil Cannibal Nerd.

  4. Thank goodness it’s possible to make it that far without anyone touching your tummy. Someone did it to me about 3 weeks ago as a joke since I’d said I wasn’t looking forward to random tummy rubs. I hope it never happens for real.

  5. Wait – shouldn’t there be something about shaming people into doing everything for you – “I’m making a person here, dammit!!!! The least you can do is order chinese food!!!”

    Sounds like you’re in the homestretch, and Congratualtions again!

  6. Ahhh, you are almost there!! These last few weeks will be the hardest (sorry, real talk!), but it will all be worth it once you have that screaming bundle of joy in your arms.

    Also, no touching?? You are magical.

  7. No strangers ever touched my pregnant belly either, but that was because I wore a horrible scowl on my face for ten months.

    Not nine. Ten. Because forty weeks of pregnancy = ten months.

    Hope these last few weeks go by quickly for you!!

  8. Never been pregnant so I can’t empathize really, but I’m happy to hear you are well, even if a bit weepy, and are not far off meeting your daughter.

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