No Renovating

Tom rides MARTA every day to work. MARTA is Atlanta’s public transportation system. He noticed this sign recently and took a picture. It’s one of my favorite things right now. If I feel down, I think about it and it lifts my spirits. Since it makes me so happy, I wanted to share it with you. The extra-wonderful thing about this sign is that since it exists, if there’s NOT one where ever else I go, that means I’m allowed to saw and spray paint at the same time.

Have a great weekend and happy renovating!

22 thoughts on “No Renovating”

  1. Oh man! I was just gonna take a trip down to Atlant with my saw and tag the shit out of that MARTA. But since they have a SIGN and all . . . shoot.

    This news is going to be very disappointing for Ty Pennington and the whole Home Makeover crew, by the way.

  2. Oh my god. You just know they had to put it up because someone went and sawed off a damn seat once or twice. Again, one person ruins it for everyone else…but that’s classic. I can’t believe it’s real.

    I went through an airport recently and they had two separate signs throughout the security line–one was a picture of a snowglobe with the warning they were no longer allowed in carry on and the other was a picture similar to that above, only replace the hand saw with large atomic weapon and a chainsaw. Because, you know, those are common carry-on items.

  3. Maybe they just mean no super-skilled folk that can saw and tag in different directions at the same time. You know, so us average people don;t feel so bad when we have to do one and then the other…

  4. I want that on a shirt. Like, now. I also want to go to Atlanta with my friend Marta, just so we can take the MARTA.

    The joke probably won’t be as funny after shelling out the cash for the flight and hotel. But still. I know I’ll laugh.

  5. That sign’s been there for a many years. It predates the Trading Spaces/home redo show craze.

    During the Olympics, I rode Marta because it was indeed smarta. I worked near the city. Of course traffic ended up lighter during those 2 weeks because everyone freajed out and used the system. Of course, no one learned their lesson and and now we’re all back in cars.

    I want ti know who the jagbag was in the mid 70s that took a hacksaw to a seat.

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